Little Juma loves her older sister

  • Just want to share that we have a little 4 month old Basenji girl named Juma. She is an absolutely precious little monster that keeps us on our toes. She is now the younger sister of our Norwegian Elkhound, who is 13. Juma, terrorized Delaney at first, but now it's soooo sweet to watch them play. Juma runs around and around and around Delaney, then dives in to wrestle for a little bit. Delaney gets a big kick out of the wrestle matches and plays with Juma. Juma is wise beyond her years, and really seems to respect the relationship. (It helps that Delaney put her in her place the first couple of wrestle matches). πŸ˜ƒ

  • You have got to post some pics of the two of them! Welcome to the forum!

  • I can picture them wrestling..LOL…send pix soon!!!!

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