• Indi is 7months old and yesterday he discovered "making" his bed. We use a king sized comforter folded over 4 times to make the bed for his crate and just yesterday he figured out that if you dig at the edges you can make a nest, then put all of your soft toys in the hole, select a few chew sticks to hide in the folds, and bring your most favoritest chew stick in the middle, where you sprawl out over the toys and blankets.

    I wish I had my camera.

    What are some of your favorite doggie revelations

    (my second favorite was when he discovered sniffing stuff that was fun)

  • Cory and Jayden have foam inside a pillowcase on the bottom of their crates. On top of that are dog crate beds that are wrapped in old babycrib sheets. They each have two little baby receiving blankets in the beds so they have something to "rough up" for when they make their beds comfortable at night. Sometimes Jayden gets too enthusiastic and gets all the cushions etc all bunched up in a big mound in his crate and he can't lay down. I have to remove him and completely remake the bed before he can go back in to sleep. Sometimes before he goes in his crate to sleep, he'll stand up and remove Cory's baby blankets from her crate (on top of his)….......just to irritate her at bedtime. And it does irritate her!


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