Basenji versus stairs

ROFLMAO, that poor dog!

Oh I'm posting this to FB…too funny!

I would be boasting it's a trick my basenji can do, what a clever dog to find a way it can cope with going up the stairs, and the other one waiting for it to come up as well.

Jolanda and Kaiser

Pretty much defines "thinking outside the box", doesn't it? This would be a dog that might outwit you. I always wonder about the "different drummer" types. 🙂

My wife and adopted a 7 year old guy from BRAT this past December and he does the same thing. He's a retired puppy mill stud that never learned how to climb stairs until he was "freed." If he gets a running start, he can leap a step or two, but if he walks up to steps, he goes up backwards, just like in the video. He also has a phobia with certain door thresholds. But don't worry. He's a super fun little guy who just has a few little quirks. He can outrun his 12 year old B-sister in the yard, but she always beats him up the stairs.

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