Stung by bee, scared of backyard

  • So my 7 month old pup, bandit, used to love playing in the backyard… It was borderline annoying, he would just go stand by the backdoor and ring the bells until I let him out so he could frolick and play... Last week or so, he was out there and got stung by a bee... His face balooned up, we went to vet, no infection, steroid shot, all is well...

    Now the last few days, I have noticed he is terrified of the back yard. When i take him out, he just sits on the porch by the door till I let him in... For the time being, we have been going on walks so he can go potty, but obviously, I want him to feel safe again in his own yard... Anybody have any experience with this? Any tips or tricks, or is time the best medicine?


  • I woulda double check to make sure you don't have any hidden hives and that it was just a single bee, if the dog senses the threa is still imminent that could cause this reaction, otherwise reintroduction and playtime outside WITH you may help

  • Both my Bs were stung by bees and had a painful reaction to it. They both got over it quickly. Ava was stung just last week.

    Maybe if you take Bandit out in the backyard, play with him and give him treats back there, that will replace the negative association with something positive. He might be cautious at first, but your being with him and having fun will probably help. I'm sure he'll learn to love his backyard again… and he probably won't repeat the behavior that got him stung!

  • Gambit got stung last summer and was afraid of the yard for nearly a month. She would only go out if I went with her, and wanted to come back in as soon as possible. She forgot about it in time, as the others continued to go out and play, while she sat in the open door and watched.

  • No nest still there… Right now i'm debating on what to do... Just give up for a few months and only go on walks, or take the tough approach, where I take him out back wait for a while, if he doesn't pee, time out in the crate... That was what I was told to do when potty training, but idk if it's the right thing to do here

  • I would walk him in the backyard with a leash and give him plenty of treats!


  • I think every pet probably has the same experience, cat got stung on the chin and swelled up now knows not to chase the buzzy things, dog got stung by a wasp now shows interest but holds back on eating them and can tell the difference from flies as he still goes for them. As others have said I would be with him in the backyard and play and give him treats for being there, don't force it but let him decide when he feels safe enough to be there alone, maybe stay away from the area he got stung and I'm sure in time he will love the yard again. He is probably just being a smart puppy after what happened and knowing there is a danger out there. Good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • I agree with the folks that said to stay with him and make the backyard fun and not force him to be by himself…I think he will work through it.

  • I spent 5-6 hours working in the backyard with my dad this Sunday, and had bandit outside with us the entire time… I didn't force him into the grass or anything, but his confidence and curiosity grew over time... Seeing us out there working together, and just being there helped him, and now he is back to being addicted to the back yard... It's great to see him having fun again, even though he makes watching hockey games without being interupted to go outside impossible


  • That's great news, happy for you and Bandit.

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