• We came home to find that Penny (our Basenji) not only figured out how to open her crate, but also disassemble it! We can't even figure out how she did it, there are teeth marks on parts of the crate she shouldn't have even been able to reach. How does that even happen?!

    It's a Kong Crate, she would have had to figure out how to push latches, while pulling on other latches, while simultaneously pushing and pulling on the sides of the crate itself. We, her humans have enough trouble disassembling it ourselves when it's time to move it. …and it was definitely set up correctly, it hasn't been disassembled for months.

    We came home expecting to find her asleep in her crate, and she's asleep on the bed, with the whole side of the crate wide open.

    My wife and I joke that we're in an Arms Race with her, trying to outsmart her, but tonight we lost the battle.

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