It's been soooo cold this week…

  • Hope Cosmo's warm enough…

  • He needs boots, Mom! 🙂

  • omg, that's too cute.

  • Looks snug as a bug.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Well, cute, but he kinda looks like a pile of laundry. He should have boots on too, but good for you to keep his head covered, you lose a lot of heat through your head!! Really though, how cold could it have been?

    About 2 hours south of here was the coldest place on earth yesterday… -40. It's been colder than that around here before but Siberia was only -5C (23F) yesterday. By contrast, the warmest place on the planet yesterday was some place in Venezuala... +52C (125F). That's , actually, just as bad as far as comfortable temperatures go!

  • He knows it's cold. I like the skull

  • That pictures says it all - "I know I look like a pile of rags but I don't care - it's COLD!" Yah, the boots would have been good too.

  • Ok, I finally found a super comfy jacket for her for those very cold days!
    It's one-piece with a small velcro in the bottom - easy to get in and easy to get out!

  • Where can one find the jacket sweaters that have the little hood on them? As in, a hood that can come up to protect the ears, and stay in place, not one that just lays over the back.

  • On super cold days, I remove the hood that comes with the suit and instead, I put a snood on her. In my experience, it stays on her head most of the time because the back of the snood is loose/open (not connected to anything) so it has room for movement like when she wiggles or shakes her head, and it stays in place 🙂

  • ok, haha, that's the word I was looking for. Thanks.

  • Imbg, where did you get the snow suit? I bought a toddler's snowsuit @ the local thrift store for the frail old girl I've been fostering–it's great for car rides in -35, very cozy, but a little stiff for walks. Plus, no hole for her tail!

  • It's called Casual Canine Snowsuit and I got a Large since she has a deep chest. Normally, a large is too long but it has about a 3-inch slit in the back - just perfect for her tail to slide in and stand at attention :). I waited for a sale to get it.

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