• Hi everyone,

    My name is Virginia and am new to this forum.
    I live in The Netherlands with my Border Collie, Sphynx, Scottish Fold and off course 2 Basenji's!

    I'm 25 years old, work in the elevator industry as an administrator employee. I studied about animals, used to train and educate people with their dogs.
    Ever since I can remember I love Bsenji's, so when I got a call about a basenji which was searching for a nee home, I literally jumped in my car and picked him up!

    Biko, red/white Mal? without pedigree was 4 years old when i got him. He was partial bald, skinny and terrified for a lot off things.
    It took a lot of patience, time and different trainingtechnices but within a year he turned from a Neglected dog into a sweet trusting friend for life..
    Biko will turn 10 years old in april 2014, lies in front of the stove everyday.. Living the good life!!

    A few months ago I picked up a former stud which was dumped at ? local shelter here in the Netherlands. His name is Abotere's Khamau, a red/white 8 year old male.
    He's neutured, getting the respect, love and respect he deserves after all those years making Offspring.. He's such a friendly gentle dog so I decided to keep him! He trusts me completly, that's an amazing honor!

    Next to this precious men I have other pets..
    ? 4 year old blue merle border Collie bitch. I train obedience, agility and trailwork with her.. After all, you need at least 1 well trained dog in a household πŸ™‚
    Than there are my 2 Cats': Femi the sphynx and Feija the Scottish Fold!
    Yes, all animals live in harmony next to eachother and that makes me the happiest woman om earth :d

    I woud love to talk about Basenji's every day.. That's why i am here!
    If you have any questions, please let me know :d

  • Dag Virginia,
    Wat een toeval! Wij hebben Lela en Binti, 2 dochters van Khamau (3 en 4 jaar oud). We wisten dat Anke een nieuw tehuis zocht, en dat Khamau onlangs een nieuwe plek heeft gevonden - wat fijn dat hij bij jou kan zijn.
    Waar woon je? Wij wonen in Marken, boven Amsterdam. Het zou leuk zijn eens een stuk te lopen.
    En post eens een paar foto's.
    Je kunt ons bereiken op 0299601313 of 0628578238, donkerskj@gmail.com.
    Voor wat foto's: https://picasaweb.google.com/115210648091473356246/LelaBinti2013?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCOvEiZn_0_D_OA&feat=directlink
    Kees-Jan en Anne-Marie

  • Welcome! I have 2 basenjis and a malinois, so i understand. (of course i do agility and obedience with the basenjis not the mali, so i may be a little crazy)

  • Hi, what lucky basenji to have found you and getting to live a better life with you. You do have a full house and must be kept very busy never a dull moment I would guess. Enjoy the forum.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Welcome to the forums! We love pictures, so share πŸ™‚

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