I need an expert eye

This is my boy (Sire: Mibre's Legend of the Dark Knight x Dam: Songwe's Bushes chanting to Imani). As mentioned before, I have had basenjis before but this is my very first litter and my first own boy. I do not see anything wrong with any of his litter mates' pasterns either from the pictures their owners send me as they grow. The puppies were raised with all nutrients and vitamins needed so I just can't see what is wrong with his pasterns. This boy looks just fine to me.

My impression also (about the pasterns….).... I would say possible sour grapes.... I have never had to nor did I, add any vitamins or anything extra to their food... really should not really be needed. (IMO). Of course it could be that on that day he might have looked funny to that person (giving the benefit of doubt) And sometimes when they are growing (young dogs) can go through periods where things might look off.

The only things that stand out to be conformation wise (from the pictures) is that his tail set is a bit to low. Also, he has a nice neck, you need to show that off both stacking and moving by keeping his head up.

Yes, as he is growing he is going through different 'ugly' stages but never suspected anything was wrong with his front, front legs or pasterns, About the low tail set, you are very right, I know that I have to work with that and definitely I will be working on his neck and keeping his head up and workings on my/his gait speed.

What a relief! Thanks a lot!

Story about Basenji's with low tail sets… My Maggii had a low tail set, when you would put her on the table at a show, the first thing she did was drop her tail between her legs... so the first thing I had to set was her tail, putting it back up, then I could set the rest of her up. However, that said, didn't slow her down in the ring... she was BISS CH Zuri's Obviously Maggii,SC,FCH and multi group placing. She was Best Opps Veteran in Sweep at the 2003 Nationals as age 12
So keep the faith!

Thank you for your words, Pat. I am hoping this boy gets far, he has show spark and it seems that he really enjoys moving on the ring. Hopefully that will compensate for the low tail set. I am keeping the faith!

you may want to see if you can get a private lesson with your conformation person. maybe video it and ask your breeder for input. that may be more helpful than a group lesson to work on gaiting speed.

Agilebasenji, that is a good tip… especially the video part...


Agilebasenji, that is a good tip… especially the video part...

I took one or two privates when i started out showing. it was really helpful to fine tune my "skills" especially when i felt a little directionless on what to practice.

That is a really good idea. I will ask my conformation teacher. Thank you!

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