• Hi all! My name is Lily and I've been lurking these forums for a few weeks now, so I guess it's time to reveal myself and say hello. 🙂

    Ryan (my much better half) and I are excited, nervous and anxious future parents of our first little B. We're currently mid-move to Henderson, NV (the suburbs just southeast of Las Vegas) where we just purchased our first home. I've been lucky enough to have been chatting with Pat of Tanza about this incredible breed and her breeding plans for this coming Fall. Thank you, Pat, for your patience in answering my millions of questions.

    Needless to say, we've been spending countless hours reading everything we can get our hands on, watching every video, throwing ideas for call names around and literally interior designing based on where the crate, doggy beds, sunny spots, etc. will be. Okay, the last part might just be me… I also have racked up quite an extensive Amazon wishlist of things I'll need to get which is now being referred to as my baby shower registry (not far off).

    I grew up with and raised a variety of breeds (English springer spaniel, huskies and malamutes, rottweilers, akita, golden retriever and some rescues...at times mixed in with cats and hamsters too haha 🙂 ) and it has been far too long where I have not had a furry child by my side. After researching breeds endlessly, Ryan and I both fell in love with everything about basenjis. As I said, we're so thrilled to have a clever little handful join our family soon. We'll definitely be antsy these next eight months, to say the least, but that's plenty of time to figure out where to hide the toilet paper!

    I'm very glad I stumbled upon these forums a few weeks ago because there is just so much knowledge and advice being shared. Thank you all!

  • Welcome!! You will be in good hands with Pat!

    My Elliot would rather have the toilet paper roll than the paper itself. 🙂

  • The good news is that basenjis got nothing on huskies or malamutes 😉 once you've had one of those breeds life has officially prepared you for any breed IMHO.

  • Welcome Lily! Thanks for the kind words!

  • Welcome. You are setting yourself up for endless entertainment with a Basenji. There will be days when you will seriously question your choice, but in the end, you will probably be hooked like the rest of us. I've had a Basenji in the house for almost 40 years, except for one six month period between my last and my current one. That was the longest we could hold out without one! 😉

  • My wife and I lived in Las Vegas (and Henderson) for 10 years before moving back east. Our B absolutely loved living in NV. Little rain, lots of sunshine, and warm, warm ,warm. She moved there when she was just over 1 year old and is now 13 and 1/2 so she spent most of her life in NV. Good luck with your new baby Basenji. Like someone else said, be patient and you will end up with a terrific little friend. Puppies of other breeds can try your patience and Basenji puppies are like that on steroids. Once it gets past the puppy stage, you are in the clear (to a certain degree-Basenjis are different dog experience than you would get with a Lab, Shepard, retriever, etc.) Our girl matured into a wonderful companion. We also adopted a rescue Basenji from BRAT about a year and half ago and he is a terrific little guy.

    Good luck and enjoy the dry heat (I miss that about NV)


  • Thank you all for the warm welcome!! I've always loved the smart little rascals the most since they keep me on my toes and never fail to give a good laugh. Plus, they REALLY make me step up my tidiness.

    Timesthemyth - yes! Huskies/malamutes are such little devils, so that comparison is comforting…although I doubt we'll be letting our guards down anytime soon. 😃

    Brian - thank you and so good to hear from a former Nevadan! I was especially happy in my research to find that Basenjis love and crave warmth. The weather here will definitely spoil our little one but there will be plenty of sweaters and bundling for the two cold months out of the year. 🙂

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