• After Nicky passed away back in early December, Eddie (14) and Chipley ( aprox. 10) were living a wonderful bachelor life, no grumpy girl to snark at them. Alas, their perfect life was not to last. Four months ago Don went to evaluate an 11 year old black and white girl. Her owner was 86 and unable to care for her, and had gone into assisted living. Her son had placed Missy (was Niecie) at the vets for boarding and called BRAT. Well, of course the 'evaluation' was good and he brought her home to 'foster'. She arrived like a hurricane, a snarling maniac when we ate, attacking my poor boys if they got near us. They all ate their kibble together in the kitchen, each respecting the other's space, but all bets were off if I was eating or preparing food. We ate out for a week, it was so stressful to me!

    Don worked with her during the days while I worked, making all sit and take a bite of his sandwich as he called each name, so eventually we were able to eat peacefully. I simply shut myself in the kitchen to cook, but after a few weeks she stopped being so insane about human food and the possibility of getting some! ( she loves lettuce, raw cabbage, etc) The boys were fearful at first, but for unknown reasons decided they both like her, and though a very bossy girl, she obviously loves them both too. So, another foster-failure! On Mother's Day we officially adopted Miss BB…..Bossy Bitch. I'll try and post a photo of Missy later, it's been awhile and I don't remember how!

    She is very sweet 98% of the time, and we are working with her triggers! She is glued to me most of the time, but did well staying with 'the boys' while I was visiting family in Georgia last week. So we are a houseful of senior citizens, Chipley is the 'baby' at 10!

  • How lucky she is to have you! Hopefully she will repay your kindness now that things have started to settle down. (don't most boys secretly long to be bossed around by an attractive female?) 🙂

  • i'm so happy for you. Love the name - Miss BB. that'll give me a chuckle for the rest of the day.

  • LOL at eeefarm, they seem to really like it, don't they.

    Congrats on the failed foster. And bless you for taking on another older dog.

  • Thanks! Missy (BB) is a real pistol and fit perfectly so it was a no-brainer. Don was in love with her from the moment he saw her, I started to like her when she stopped beating up on old Ed. His hesitance was loving an older girl, knowing it would only be for a few years, but we're no 'spring chickens' either so it's all good. She is my shadow now.

  • Yay Anne, another FL rescue was lucky enough to find it's way to you!
    Congratulations. Has she been to the park yet?

  • Oh Yes Joanne, she goes to local park several times a week and to our big Sunday get together every week. There is one male basenji, a sweet brindle, that she grumbles at all the time. She is a grumbler, all the others ignore her as she cusses at them. Some days worse than others. She is pretty funny, most of her growls turn into 'grodles' …talking sounds...as she fusses at everyone...even us! She is a dainty, pretty, prissy girly-girl with a real potty-mouth!

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