• I have two besenjis. They are literally perfect as they love all people dogs and are well behaved and cuddly.
    But just as my oldest turned three he postures and acts aggressive to an occasional dog. Like one in 30.
    What suddenly is the problem?
    Anyone have advice?1_1485284677270_IMG_3946.JPG 0_1485284677268_FullSizeRender 12.jpg

  • They are so beautiful!

    Sadly dogs mature around 2 or 3. Is you boy neutered? Sometimes they don't like another dog who is intact. Sometimes they are picking up on body language we miss. Good obedience training, especially teaching him to lock his eyes on your on command and then distracting him helps. Sometimes it is situational. I would first get a vet check, particularly thyroid, just to be SURE nothing is amiss. But most likely, he's simply becoming mature and probably not happy with other males.

  • That makes sense to me. Thank you.

  • @longo2002 Yes...beautiful as can be!!

  • Just like us humans, dogs do not like every dog they meet. Especially in tight spaces it can get a bit growly at times, so I always look for enough space for all dogs involved to move freely and express their body language. Being and staying calm yourself will also help a lot.

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