Truth in Advertizing?

Hey, why would 1-800-petmeds use this picture to flog their latest product?
The caption with the photo reads: "Stop bad pet behavior safely and effectively"

lmao…sounds about right to me!!!

Very accurate ad!
Luckily our counter tops are juuust out of Elliot's reach but he tries daily.

Lol! Looks like the red version of Tucker! I have learned to put things farther back on the counter because he has a longer reach than Becca. But both are counter-surfers!

First Basenji's

yep, they've done their research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Cara is so huge she can counter surf. But hey, Arwen is creative… she hops from table chair to chest freezer and ONTO the kitchen counter.. or the table. We tell her daily GET OFF THE COUNTER, GET OFF THE TABLE. Sigh. If I cared enough I might try double sided tape, but oh well, I just try to make sure we leave nothing she really wants.

Debra, what's with the double sided tape??

Scat mats work well! (for cats, too).

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