Diego shattered the turtle tank :eek:

  • so i'm watching tv downstairs and i here a big bang and glass shattering.. not a good sound when diego is the only one upstairs.. i run upstairs scared to death diego is injured, and the turtle tank is on the ground shattered with water everywhere and the two turtles on the ground, shell shocked! diego managed to pull the tank off the desk it was on.. big mess to clean.. but thank god diego walked away unharmed.. very shaken, but safe!

  • oh my how scary. Glad he is okay, how are the turtles?

  • they are fine.. not very happy tho.. they have been hissing at us.. it was like an earthquake for them! and yes it was very scary.. not to mention the carpet smells now..

  • Boy these B's get sneaky when they know your head is turned - don't they? Daisy is my sneaky B. If no one is home and I'm on the computer, I have to get up every few minutes to see where she went and if she's got anything she shouldn't. Hamstrings get a workout getting up and down from this chair.

    That was a pretty big accident and pricey too I bet losing your turtle tank. Diego must have really wanted to play with the turtles. Glad they weren't seriously hurt.

    Duke dug a hole in my sofa's back cushion last year. I hand stitched it together to keep the stuffing in, but last weekend, Daisy found it and ripped it open 5 times the original size. I found her having fun pulling much of the stuffing out all over the place. I should've taken a picture, but was instantly horrified and tried to save the sofa. It's a gone - I can't wait to get new, but I'm going to wait until she's a li'l more grown up.

  • OH NO poor turtles 😞

    For this reason Bs must be in the same room with us at alllll times :eek: Pesky little Bs!

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