• Hello Everyone! My name is Alessandra and my husband and I live in Ocean City,Md. I'm a huge pet lover and had always wanted a dog but never could have one due to my living situation. My husband agreed to have a dog if we bought a house one day, and little did he know that we would find our dream house so soon near our wedding! I researched for hours the best dog for our lifestyle and we feel in love with the Basenji Breed.

    I contacted the BRAT rescue to help find us the perfect baby for us, but unfortunately they rejected us majority of dogs because we don't have a fence and have a pet bird. Then we tried petfinder.com and they wouldn't adopt to us due to the fact that we didn't have a fence and lived out of state. Again, I found a few breeders but they wouldn't sell to us because of the whole fence issue. Then we found another website that ended up being a scam and the guy had a phony airplane service (it was horrible and im lucky I didnt fall for it) FINALLY I met a sweet breeder from Idaho using puppyfinder.com and she sold us our sweet baby, Cairo.

    I've never loved such a sweet baby! He is my best friend who fallows me everywhere around the house, and loves the beach as much as I do. He never ever runs out of the house and I give him long walks on the boardwalk frequently. He doesn't mind the bird that much either! I don't know what I would do without my sweet boy, and miss him everytime we are apart! The only thing Im sad about is that he gets sick in the car and he is real picky about treats!!!

  • Welcome! I'm glad you have found the perfect dog for you! I must admit.. I'd never consider keeping a B with a bird. I do know of a few that have done some damage to pet birds but they are all different so who knows! Just keep a close eye on their interactions and never leave them alone together ;).
    Where is your boy from? A lot of our dogs are related in some way and it's fun to find "family" all over the country/world!

  • CrazySenji, I bought my boy from Idaho! Where is your baby from?

  • Mesiterhaus in Kentucky, I meant who is his breeder 🙂

  • Oh forgive me, Rose Marie Holt. Know of her? http://www.basenji-freunde.com/my_journey_to_benin_an_interview.htm

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