• He snatched it out of my hands ran off with it and ate half of a corn Cobb. I'm not sure what I should do. I read how it can cause obstructions in their intestines. Is there anything I can do now to help?

  • Hey, I just googled your problem and there are answers that may help you I just put in "dog ate corn cob induce vomiting" look at first result. Good luck sounds scary.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • We took him to the emergancy vet and they induced vomiting and looks to have got it all out of him. It was about an hour and a half after he ate it. Hopefully it all came out. They think it did.

  • I had this happen once. Hydrogen Peroxide gets the vomiting going pretty darn fast. He barfed it all up very quickly, although he felt a bit unwell for an hour or so after. In his case he had gotten into a bag of leftover cobs, (meant to be donated to horses!) and as it turned out had chewed them up pretty well, so likely he would have passed them O.K., but better safe than sorry!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide should be kept around just for this purpose… make sure it is a fresh bottle as HP will go flat like carbonated beverages. One or two tablespoons works every time!

  • Do you guys use an eye dropper or an actual teaspoon?

  • I don't know about anyone else, but I use a syringe.

  • So I guess we should have a sealed bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a sealed syringe in our emergency dog medical kits.

  • It wouldn't hurt. When I had the problem I just used the hydrogen peroxide I always have on hand for puncture wounds with horses. it was not a new bottle, but worked just fine. And I always have syringes hanging around as well. Just be careful not to put too much into the mouth at once, and allow the dog to swallow…...you don't want to get too enthusiastic and have them inhale it! Good info on technique here:


  • I've never heard of hydrogen peroxide used for this purpose–thanks for the tip! It kinda says something about the breed when so many people are experts at inducing vomiting ; p

  • If you google search it and ask your vet you find this is a problem for all dogs. The emergancy vet I went told me he has had to do done a dozen emergancy surgeries on dog with corn cobs inside them. Dog tend to goggle things down without chewing so corn cobs can be deadly and should be treat ASAP if they eat one to avoid surgery.

    This is what I learned from this.

  • This should be a sticky here for dog eating anything that needs to induce vomiting. It would save people $180 I spent. It's not a wait and see situation.

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