Its the busy season.

How well do B's do with scent work? There is a course here in June and I was thinking of putting Tucker in it as his nose is always to the ground? I'm thinking he would like it but wanted to talk to someone before I spent the money.

My you are busy!

Our training season is a bit different here. We had highs in the 60's one day and highs in the teens the next. crazy weather

Trog loves barn hunt which is scent work. One of my friends just earned a tracking title with her one yr old and I know several people who do nose work. I think they enjoy Sighthound sports more, but some do very well with scent

I am currently doing nosework with my basenji, Rocco, we both love it. He's gotten his NW1 title and we are working towards getting his NW2. While it hasn't replaced the counter surfing, crumb hunting and dirty laundry seeking it has at least given him a job to use his natural talents.
Totally recommend it!

Maybe I should sign up. There are only 7 working spots. I just wonder if I can go anywhere with it, where I am.


Maybe I should sign up. There are only 7 working spots. I just wonder if I can go anywhere with it, where I am.

I would say give it a try. If you like to see them work, problem solve and hunt for stuff, it's worth it. It's great mental stimulation for them, and for Basejni's that like to problem solve, I think it's the perfect sport. No obedience, just find the source odor so i can have my cookie!

I would imagine that the instructor might bring a seasoned dog, so that you would be able to see what a more advanced level would look like, which is neat to watch. With seven working spots, there might also be a few audit spots too; which means there might be enough people in the area to get something going! You can also check the National Association of Canine Sent Work (NACSW) at They have a list of instructors; however, it looks to be limited to the states, but they do update it from time to time.

I find the sport to be a bit more relaxed too, every one is super supportive! They are open and welcome reactive dogs (people or dog), and they give out a special award (The Harry Award) to a rescue dog that competed and showed outstanding performance and team work with the handler.

Wow busy indeed. You can make up for it by providing wonderful videos and pictures from the nationals! 🙂

No nationals for us this yr as its a 3 day drive each way, but next yr we hope to try all the performance events.

Sorry Lisa didn't mean to poach your thread. Too bad you weren't coming to nationals, would have been nice to meet you and talk about scent work.

Lisa, please accept my apologies too.

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