Maca and Laika remodeling their bed

  • Okay my two girls make fun with the new bed! oh god..

    Okay, i think some stranger came to house, ripe apart the bed and then the 2 girls well back to sleep..

  • Looks like they needed a solid nap after all that fun. 🙂

  • Looks like they got the bed just the way they like it and it is just right for them to have a nap on. My Kaiser likes to do the same thing, I have yet to find a basenji proof bed. The next thing I try is a sheepskin, fingers crossed.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • That was a bed, that was! Thank dog for Tuffies!

  • Mine tear up sheepskin extra fast…
    We use a lot of fleece blankets on the coach, in the car and on their bed, and that works - no destruction

  • Arwen can tear sheepskin. My freaking bedding shredding ROTTWEILER didn't teat sheepskin, but she can. I gave up. I put in towels and old blankets and just throw them out when they get too torn up. Of course, she isn't in the crate often other than to eat so her real bed is mine. But she's a pain for sure. There are some indestructible (so they claim) padded crate flooring but since she will pee if she gets mad, not something I want to bother with. Sigh. and we love them why?

  • First Basenji's

    Tooooo Funny and toooo cute! made me chuckle very loud!

  • Yes i think the towels and old blankets and my dirty clothes are the solution! already i give them a fleece that i dont like it and its on one piece! cmom! ahaha but the true bed is mine, they make a crater on my bed! well i turn down the bed and use the other side, and let them out on the day and the bed is still on one piece. 🙂

    I think will buy some hard to teat piece of blanket to make a bag to full with all that pieces and give a second season of fun.. lol

  • No beds for my guys as they would just chew them and tear them up and mine are older. Once they took the large orthopedic bed outside when I had the door open because of the good weather and I am sure more than one did it!


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