• Hi,

    I wanna share some pictures of my girls

    Maca has 4 years now and Laika will be one year these january.

    I just fix Laika.

    Im making fanconi for both girls tomorrow i just got the test at the office.

    As you can see we got plenty sun here, in fact Maca get tired if walks daily, so we make walks when the sun goes down.

    They love to take the sun inside the house. And bye bye couch! Now they sleep on that library with 2 floors.

    We live on Mexico.

  • very nice pics! Where did you get your girls from?
    my basenjis might like to winter at your house! Here in Colorado we're expecting a high not much above freezing.

  • Lovely pictures - they look so relaxed together‚Ķ.especially love the first picture ūüėČ

  • Thanks, they are from Olga Vorobieva Kennel, here on Mexico, she imported the parent of Maca and Laika is from a mexican basenji and the daughta of a usa basenji.

    Here on Mexico there is a lot of basenjis, we are struggling with the fanconi test because its hard that people understand the importance of making test before breeding.

    So for now all the mexican basenjis are from the same kennels and some people are breeding a few.. and for the next year a member of the mexican group imported some semen from Blade and is waiting a litter. The damm is clear and Blade is a carrier.

    im thinking of getting a brindle pup.. the parentes are tested now and i will wait for the results of Maca.. to make a final thought.

    But i need to think on having 3 basenjis! lol..

    The second girls is adopted from the breeder.. and goes well with Maca, with some fights for some special spots or food, and one big fight when were both were on season.. but now Maca is on season and Laika dont.. so they are good and not fighting.. they goes well both.. the most part of the time.

  • First Basenji's

    The are def BEST FRIENDS FOREVERRR!!! So cute!

  • Very nice pictures. Love the fifth one with one on top of other. They have bunk beds? How cute.

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