• I like the shadows on these photos..

    Sadly never can make action photos. With 2 basenjis sounds risky.. lol

    My favorite is picture 4, Laika relaxing on that way that only basenjis knows.

  • They look so hot but still want to be in the sun.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • yep here we get 38 C these days, is the time when they barely eat.. prefers to sleep and take walks, at night..
    i give a little walk on sundays and they were happy walking but tongues out. and was so 2 blocks. Then return to get water and thats it. Enough walking for the day.. we get at bed in front of the air.

  • LOL love the "hanging over edge." I have a queen size bed and silly Cara gets on the very edge so she can hang her legs or head off.

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