Hi there! Nother newbie to the forums

  • Hi

    We are Claire and Stevie. We joned the forum to hopefully findpeople who love Basenjis, and to use their knowledge to make us better owners, and hopefully in time pass on our acquired knowledge.

    We have a 12 week old male Basenji pup called Antefaa Lukuru Adonis, who is known as Buddy.

    He is one of 7 litter mates. He is a red and white boy and we have had him for 4 weeks.

    Buddy is being fed raw, he has been fed raw since being weaned. He enjoys his raw green tripe and his meaty bones. He is currently teething, but so far so good, nothing of an value his been destroyed, yet!
    He loves his toys and his favourite is a stuffing free fox, that needs serious emergency treatment to ring him back to life. The poor fox is currently missing two squeakers and a 2 inch piece of fur.

    He is semi house trained, here's hoping it stays that way!!

    Looking forward to chatting with you all.
    Claire and Stevie

  • Hi,

    Welcome to our community!

  • Welcome - we need pictures đŸ˜‰

  • Yes photos please, time goes so fast our boy is nearly 17 months old and I can't remember him being 12 weeks old anymore. Those raw meaty bones would be great for his chewing and teething and satisfying his chewing needs keeping your house safe. Lot's of good info on this forum and people willing to help when you need them. Enjoy your pup.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Welcome!
    Please post some pictures so we can show them to our sisters Lela and Binti (3 and 4 years old).

  • Congrats on getting one of the Lukuru babies… what a darling litter it was... watched the litter from birth on FaceBook....

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