• I have not been on the forum since last summer but I recently learned something that I thought I should share. To recap my basenji Samantha has Fanconi and as of her last visit she is in perfect health. All her numbers came back normal which makes our household very happy! Samantha takes Potassium Gluconate and she was taking 6 pills a day (3am and 3pm). I was purchasing the generic through her vet for 29.99 for a two week supply. Then I was told that the vet would no longer be carrying the generic and the name brand was 59.99 for the same amount. Well, her vet told us that she could talk to the vendor of the medication to see if they could compact the 6 pills into 2 pills a day since Samantha takes so many. So with her help I now order from the vendor and she takes 2 large pills instead of 6 pills a day. Best of all a month supply is $30 and it is delivered to my home.


  • Wow, that is great information. So glad she is doing so well, hope she will enjoy many great years!

  • That is wonderful both to cut to fewer (albeit larger) pills and getting such a good price.

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