• Does anyone on the Forum live near Dyersburg, TN? My husband is planning to visit his brother in Atlanta, GA and I'm hoping to have them drive to Dyersburg to get this little guy: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24979271?rvp=1

    I've been in contact with the shelter. "Duke" doesn't bark, he's 2 years old, under 20 pounds, is a very friendly dog, and an owner surrender. He is in a kill shelter that does not have many adoptions, I don't want him to die there so I want to get him out. I'd like to find someone who could visit him to see how Basenji he is, and see if he'd be small enough to fit under an airplane seat or if I have to book him as cargo.

    Could you email me at: giza1@wildroseinternet.ca

  • Oh, he's so cute. Bless you for saving him! I would help you if I could, but Dyersburg is outside of Memphis, which is all the way across the state from me. If there are no West Tennesseans on the forum, perhaps someone in Arkansas or Missouri can help. I hope you can get him out!

  • Joanne, I am copying your stuff to BRAT. They may have someone who would volunteer to go see him as I know we have people near Memphis, which is about an hour away.

  • Just to let you know, little Duke was pulled from the shelter yesterday by a BRAT member near Memphis. Apparently he's a wonderful little dog - only about 15 pounds - and he and the Basenji in his foster home are great pals! I'm thinking that Duke might not make it to Canada.

  • Yes, Debbi told me they were pulling him. Whether you get him or not, you did great alerting so that they got him. Please contact them if you are interested!

  • Actually, BRAT did not pull him, BRAT does not pull mixes and any mix they do end up with is usually there because the dog was initially thought to be purebred. I know, I was BRAT's Basenji mix coordinator for about 4 years. Sometimes individual BRAT members will have a mix pulled, and get any vet work done at their own expense, then it might be put up for adoption on BRAT's mix page; the mix doesn't enter the "BRAT system". That's how it worked with Duke, I had a BRAT member pull him for me, Duke is my responsibility and the only way he won't make it to Canada is if his foster falls in love with him. Could happen ; -)

  • Joanne, Debbie wrote me that a BRAT volunteer pulled him. I know BRAT doesn't actually handle mixes, but since I contacted Debbi and BRAT knew where he was, I said to contact them. I am very glad you got him pulled. If you really were only doing it to save him, not because you wanted him a lot, hopefully the foster home will fall in love. But I did in fact contact BRAT the second I saw this post and if you also got help, it is not my fault that Debbi failed to tell me she wasn't responsible for him getting pulled.

  • Joanne–

    Have you seen this thread:


    If Duke stays in his foster home, maybe one of these three little cuties could come home with you? Or triple your pleasure and take all three!

  • Duke won't be staying in his foster home, so now I'm working on a plan to get him to me.

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