3 TN Basenjis

I adopted my B from Americas Basenji Rescue. I got a message from them yesterday of a lady in TN who is very ill and would like to place her 3 13 year old Basenjis. I would take them but I am not sure that mine would get along with them and I also work full time, so I am afraid that I could not give them the attention they need. The lady is willing to pay their plane fair anywhere just to make sure that they have a good home. If you or anyone you know may be interested, please e-mail me at mecarr05@gmail.com.

Thank you and god bless.

Do you have information on male? female? colors?

I dont but the rescue that I got my B from does. I am re-posting it for them. Their e-mail is rebecca.sloan@sbcglobal.net. They would have liked to take them in but they are full. I really would have liked to take them in myself but I work full-time and im not sure that dogs those age should be left alone. I also have a 2.5 year old B girl and not sure if they would want to play all the time. Please help these poor puppies out if you can! I cant but thats why I am re-posting it. They are talking about putting them down if they dont find a home and there is no reason why they should be put down if they are healthy!

Thank you so much!

Has she contacted BRAT?

BRAT decided not to take them because of their age, lack of fosters and lack of adoptions.


ooh, that hurts me to hear….and about those poor dogs predicament and about BRAT..

There is still a lot of life in a 13 year old basenji, I hope someone is able to help them out.

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