Our Beautiful 3-legged Basenji mix

  • We adopted Zoey 1 month after the Vet took her right front leg. She had been chained up, at 11 months old, and left out for 3 days. No one checking on her. The meter man discovered her and call the rescue people. They took her to the vet and the vet said if she got there 30 mins later, she would have bled out. You can see the other front leg with a big scar from the chain.

    But now, she is spoiled rotten. She drives to places with us, sleeps with us, and even chases the cat up the stairs!

    We adopted 2 others (Rotty/Sheperd 10 month old & Masitff/Pitt 3 month old) for her to play with. And yes it is true….the basenji is the alpha. Kinda funny seeing the rotty being put in her place by Zoey. Just seeing the size difference.:)

  • Oh no, that's terrible! But now she thankfully has a great life ahead of her because of you good people. I've seen three legged dogs run around the beach like nothings missing. Great to have you on the forum too. Please post picks of your pack.

  • LOL my basenjis always ruled the Rottweilers. 🙂
    Bless you for adopting her. Please post pics!

  • You guys are special for adopting her. Wish I was closer to give you a hug, but here's a virtual one <hug>.

    When travelling, I have seen many 3 legged dogs in poorer countries. They get on with their lives like nothing is wrong. It's really beautiful and I bet Zoey will teach many people who cross her path.

    Kipawa works as a therapy dog. Could you do something like this with Zoey? She would be a great ambassador for keeping on going when the going gets tough!</hug>

  • Rememer she is a mix…...this is pic of her and the rottie (puppy)

  • First Basenji's

    She is beautiful, regardless. They both are. Welcome!

  • I say thanks to you and peopel liek you who are prepared to give a forever home to poor abandoned dogs. Lovely pictures and welcome.

  • Lucky dog and lucky you..I hope the folks who left her were punished…

  • those are two cuties!

  • Absolute cuties!

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