• http://fortsmith.craigslist.org/grd/1873692831.html
    Is there anyone near Quinton, OK that can visit to see if these basenjis listed on craigslist are socialized and can be fostered. They are still available.

  • Have you talked to the lady about the dogs? She told me she wanted $200 for all 3… will she give them away? The pictures make them look like they've lived under a stairwell, but they have beautiful smiles. Maybe they are from Africa?
    If you need a donation to get them out of jail, I will help! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    There's been some chatter about these three on the "basenjis on Craigslist" thread (http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=8655&page=9). I guess BRAT's OK coordinator has already been notified, and several people have offered to pitch in for donations if it is feasible to buy all three out of harm's way (I haven't ponied up yet, but I can help out with a small donation if it will make a difference).

    I hope we can get some good news!

  • A BRAT coordinator told me BRAT will not purchase these dogs. The coordinator told me it would have to be up to me to visit the breeder and then decide if I thought I was up to rescueing them. There must be someone close to Quinton OK that can see if these dogs are adoptable. I've been in contact with the woman with the ad and she said she would have no problem with someone coming to her place to see the dogs. If they have decent temperaments I would like to see someone try to foster them. I would also give a donation to help or I will try to get them.
    With so many basenji people networking I would hope they could be rehomed.

  • Has anyone e-mailed the seller to find out what these dogs have been used for? Were they breeding dogs and where did they live? Is there anyone with experience with these types of dogs that could take a look at them and lives closer? Does anyone know their pedigree or at least sire and dam? They are of the age that Fanconi usually strikes.

    I am concerned since breeding season is coming up and it looks like they all live in the same kennel. I find this unusual but perhaps the owners do not have a lot of kennels.

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