Basenji needs help -anyone know this group?

  • Does anyone know anything about Autumn Acres in KS? Think this is legit? Sweet-looking girl basenji - I've just never seen this kind of fund raising appeal.

  • I would be very careful giving $$ to anyone on the net unless you KNOW they are with a legit charity.
    This person might be honest, but who knows????
    Its scary out there now.

  • there is a little info on about an Autumn Acres in Richmond, MO.

  • You can go to their website and it shows they have another Basenji too; a tri colored female. Looks like they both came from puppymills. Sad!

  • I don't quite get the ad – are they just fundraising to pay the bill or is the girl available.

  • The girl is available and they are raising funds to pay her vet bills.
    If I lived closer …. I've been saying that way too often these days.

  • Hi everyone. My name is Jenifer Dickson and I am the president of Autumn Acres Animal Rescue. We are a 501c3 rescue ogranization. We got 3 basenji's out of a puppy mill auction. We have had them for several months now. I work at a doggy daycare and there are a few basenji's that come into work so I do know a little bit about them. Fannie had a major surgery. Apparently she had eaten a rope toy. You can call our vets to verify. The vet office is Renfro Vet Service…816-776-3737 the account is under Donna Palen. They take credit card payments over the phone if any of you wish to donate that way. I'll post some pictures of Fannie here in a sec(if this forum allows such a thing)

  • It won't let me post pictues but email me and I'll forward pictures of Fannie taken at the vet office. We went in to visit with her while she was recovering from the surgery.

  • Thanks for the additional info. I'd actually rather give the vet's office a credit card than do Paypal. Thanks for taking care of these furbabies. Hope someone can offer them a forever home too. If I had a little more room… I'm with Vicky - I'm saying that way too often nowadays.<sigh>

    Oh, and keep the b's away from those rope toys. Don't you know basenjis are part goat? :rolleyes: Thanks again for your care.</sigh>

  • Sorry I couldn't write more earlier I was at work and only had a few minutes to spare ;-).

    We take in hard to place dogs.

    We take in dogs other rescues would put to sleep. For example Kasha a german shepherd that lived on a chain in a breeding facilty. German Shepherd rescue would not take her in because she had issues that would require them to put her to sleep. She was considered dog aggressive because she attacked dogs that got near her when she was chained with puppies.

    We also take in dogs that huge shelters with abundant funding would put to sleep. Example would be Wallace a chow that was skin and bones, had a fungus skin infection, a broken hip bone, and had been living wild on the streets for at least 6 months before being captured in a dog trap. We took Wallace in and he's had his surgery, got a beautiful coat…and is extremely loving now. A lady who brings her dog into my work saw him I brought him in to sit in the office with us and fell in love...she is working on finding him a home with a friend of hers who's 13 year old dog passed away recently.

    And we will hold onto dogs until a home is found...we had Dodger for almost 2 years before he was adopted into his perfect home. Dodger was left behind when his owners moved out. The landlords found him 3 days later hiding in the bathroom. He wouldn't let anyone touch him(growled). The landlords knew if they contacted the animal control he would be put to they contacted us and we went armed with mc donalds hamburgers, leashes, and a brush. With a little coaxing I was able to loop a leash around and then sit down and brush him. He calmed down and was ok...ate a hamburger and wagged his tail. He was a great dog and lived in his home for 2 years before he died of cancer.

    We can not afford to do this without donations. Especially when we have an emergency surgery such as this.

    If you want to adopt either Fannie or Zareefa please fill out an application. Zareefa is currently boarding at my work. She is playing with other dogs and meeting other people daily. If you live in the Kansas City area you can meet her in person.

  • The people at the vet office are so friendly.
    Bless your heart for being so caring.

  • Jennifer, here are instructions for posting photos.

    And, yes, your vet's office staff is great. Happy Holidays to you and all the folks at your shelter.

  • The pictures are too big to upload but we did make a page that shows her pictures and tells a little more about her…

    I love our vet office 🙂 they are very good at what they do. They built a new building and made sure to build big runs for our large dogs that they handle.

    Thank you for the donations so far. I really appreciate the help with her. If you know of anyone wanting a basenji let us know 😉 Fannie is destructive but Zareefa is not…

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