• Just received notice of a DrsFosterandSmith clearance sale and what do I see but the cutest basenji pup!

  • First Basenji's

    Is is a cutie, it is almost non-coincidental that we are seeing more and more of the breed in adverts.

  • Puppy is so cute! I look through that catalog religiously and very rarely have ever seen a basenji. Once, I believe. Now twice. Thinking of getting the girls new beds for Christmas - they now have thick, fluffy flat beds with velour on one side and fleece on the other, covers are washable - any suggestions on what other types the B's like?

  • First Basenji's

    Hey Shaye's Mom!

    I have decided that anything over the price of $4 is a waste of my hard earned cash. Two of my beloved, one being Uzie (oh my) seem to think that it is ok to use the edges of the bedding as a ?pacifier??? Just love it when they discover that there is fun stuff to rip out after a hole has been made. My past time has become going to thrift stores or garage sales and finding a treasure of a comforter that someone has decided to get rid of. Folded in half or quartered in and around an egg crate,(we must make it comfy for goodness sake!) makes an exceptional 'bed' for the pups…..right up my ally financially....! for the older gent I just so happen to have an egg-crate with magnets in it for his arthritis............Hubby did not like it.....

  • BuddysPal - that sounds like a great idea, I'll start looking around. Although to be fair to the girls, they seem to think their beds are sacrosanct - they never chew on them or anything else - the whole rest of the house is fair game, but the most they ever do to their beds is after the covers have been washed and put back on and I shake them all up to make sure the stuffing is even, they jump on them and paw for a little while to make sure there is a "dent" in the middle to make it a nest. Maybe I'll just rethink the replacements.

  • A couple of years ago I bought a real dog bed and mine love them. Love the $12 ones as much as the $40 ones, like the sides to curl up against, or to hold their heads. I had bought big flat beds for them before, but they all really love the ones with sides. I like Buddy's idea of stuffing old quilts with foam 'egg crate', too!

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