• Hi does anyone have a Basenji that does not like to be picked up. Our girl is a sweetheart
    and only growls when you pick her up. Otherwise she is a sweet cuddly kissing fool. But
    hates to be picked up. She will growl and once and a while nip lightly at you to try to get
    you to stop. Once you have her up, she is fine again. It this just a quirk.?

  • Oakley will allow you to scare him out of a dead sleep, he has zero issues with touch. With that said, I know of many basenjis that do not like to be approached or moved while sleeping, some that only allow certain touching and some that would rather not be handled. I think this is where some of that "aloofness" comes into play. I wouldn't think it unusual to hear a basenji doesn't like to be picked up. Perhaps with positive associations and reward based training you can retrain her to "allow" you to pick her up (when necessary).

    I could probably pick Oakley up and hang him by his legs….he allows me to do anything to him, I doubt he'd be as tolerant with others but he would still always welcome being picked up...he's a ham, some just aren't that way and I find it more common in this breed than others

  • thanks. its weird because we can wake her up out of a dead sleep and she could care
    less, also, like your oakley, plus loves to be touched, just sometimes doesnt want to be picked up, not
    always but sometimes. she never minds if i pick her up, just my boys, who are teenagers. i think its
    more of because shes getting picked up to be removed from something or getting her down from
    a table, and she doesnt want to stop her mischivious behavior on what shes doing. so she may
    associate getting picked up at anytime with that. plus we just got a new whippet puppy and although
    she loves her, there may be a little jealousy going on, because she seems to be doing it more now than before
    the puppy.

  • Is she like this under all circumstances or only when she is comfortable and doesn't want to be disturbed? It's not unusual at all for a Basenji to snark when they are comfortable, whether or not you surprise them. Some of mine, including my current boy, have been like that, some not. But just picking them up, say from the floor, when they are active has never garnered that response from any of mine.

    When my current boy is comfortable, if I want to pick him up or move him for some reason, I find it is generally easy to finesse it by sitting next to him, patting him, and easing my way into picking him up. Usually that avoids snarks. However, if he does object I just go ahead and pick him up anyway, while chastising him verbally about his lack of manners. With an attempted nip, I will offer my hand under his nose and ask if he really wants to be doing that, which tends to end his little display. IMO, it is a mistake to allow the dog to back you off. You are teaching her that her behaviour gets her what she wants…....to be left alone and not picked up.......and the next time if you insist, she may escalate and actually nip. Better to avoid the situation entirely than let the dog learn her bad behaviour is rewarding. If you know your dog doesn't like being picked up, as Chealsie508 stated, you can certainly train her to be more accepting, but in the meantime try to avoid an incident that will make things worse.

    Funny story. My show bitch didn't like having her toenails trimmed. You could see from her expression that she was getting increasingly annoyed, until finally she would utter a frustrated "aarrh", and grab my hand in slow motion. She never bit down, and the whole thing was hilarious. Many Basenjis just want to express their displeasure. The trick is to know the dog well enough to know if they are seriously threatening, or just voicing their "opinion". 🙂

  • Hi thanks for all the input, being owned by a Basenji for the first time is a learning curve. lol
    she tends only to do it when she is getting into something and we are trying to remove her. i told my sons
    to quit picking her up unless it is an emergency, but sometimes they forget. I also am retraining her using the
    word up, and when she gets picked up without a growl i give her a treat and praise. i also told my boys if
    you are going to pick her up commit to it dont backoff, if she grumbles, or she will win. this is her only
    bad vice so far. she loves to be cuddles and petted and kissed on, doesnt mind being moved when she
    sleeps, i just think she has associated being picked up to being restrained, because again its usually
    when she gets into something, that we have to pick her up.

  • One of my bitches was like that… while she never nipped, she always had the "last" word when picked up!

  • @tanza:

    One of my bitches was like that… while she never nipped, she always had the "last" word when picked up!

    thanks so much that makes me feel better. i will keep working with her

  • Both of ours have no issues with being picked up, although Malaika is that heavy that i rarely do 😉
    Our first Basenji used to bolt out of the gate if he could and run into next doors garden, he used to realy growl when picked up, i assume because he didn't want to be caught, he would also try to whip around and nip, so i held onto his collar around the back, when placed on the floor he would sometimes continue to go for us.
    We have more knowledge to train now and i think generaly the temperament has improved.

  • thanks we are starting retraining now, and she is a sweet girl anyway so i think we
    can curb this vice

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