Free basenji on craig'slist lexington,nc

  • Hi,

    My manager just alerted me to the this ad on craigslist. It's for a free male black and white basenji with no history. The person got it from other people who were going to take him to the pound. It says nothing about if he's good with cats and with the medical history a big ? I don't feel comfortable bringing him into my house, esp with the question of vaccines ( with Cairo having lymphoma/ not doing so well and the 3 cats.) I sent the poster an email with a link with BRaT's webpage but i don't have any numbers for the local people.

    added- i might could go get him if possible, if he's still there. I have yet to hear back from the poster.

  • oh no! i would take him in a heartbeat. if i were you i'd get him and then call brat. they will help!!

  • I sent the link for the ad to BRAT so BRAT does know that he's out there.
    Regardless, I say Suzee has the right idea, grab the dog and let BRAT know you have him.

  • I will if I hear back from the people, if they still have him. So far I haven't heard a peep from them.

    Added- i just sent them another message via my work account. Hopefully they'll respond one way or another.

  • well had no word from the people and the post has been removed. hope the boy is going to be ok.

  • HI Everyone,

    I'm one of the Florida Coordinator's working with Brat. Several days ago, I sent an email to the person who posted the ad on craigslist about the male Basenji in NC. He was available then, so I informed them about the Brat Rescue organization and they got rather annoyed. They didn't want to have anything to do with Brat. They basically told us to back off. I truly believe they don't understand at all what Brat does.

    I called the people today and found out the dog went to a home last night on a trail bases. The couple are older and have other dogs in their home. They want to make sure the Basenji gets along with their other non Basenji dogs. I didn't tell the woman I was from Brat. I will be calling her back in a couple of days to see if all went well. I feel very bad for this Basenji. I was told his original owners got him directly from Africa. ????? They paid a lot of money for him. He has been raised to live outside and they were training him to hunt. However, unsuccessful since the Basenji was afraid of gun shots. REALLY!!!!!!! Since the original owner works a lot of hours , the people who posted the ad on craigslist decided to keep him. They had him for a year , then they gave the dog to their in laws, who only returned him six months later. I feel so bad for this fellow. The way he has been bounced around and living outside all the time. Don't worry folks, I WILL be calling this woman back.

  • Good job, Lisa! He sounds like a misunderstood basenji, hope he finds a good loving home.

  • like most basenjis, he is probably very misunderstood.. like i said, i would take him in a heartbeat if i lived closer 😕

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