Basenji Free to a good home Perfectly Healthy baby boy

  • Hello,

    My name is Geoff Marek and i have a beautiful 1yr old Basenji who is Neutered and up on all of his vaccinations. His name is Roscoe and is a loveable dog with a great personality. He is great with other dogs and will cuddle all night long if you let him. I am located in Middle Tennessee Nashville Area. I am trying to find a good home for Roscoe because i am at work long hours and am often not home until late. As a result Roscoe is stuck in a cage for about 21 hours a day. He means alot to me and I care enough about him to do the right thing by him. As much as it hurts me to get rid of him, I need to find a place where Roscoe can run in a yard or play with other dogs and not be sitting in a cage all day. Please help me find my pup a home. If you have any idea of somebody that can provide a suitable home for him, Please call me at 615 419 6199. I have crates, and toys for him that i will give too. I am offering him up for free to a good home because it's important that he go to a good enviornment. Please help me find a place for Roscoe. I tried uploading an image which i can send to you if you email me at

  • I have sent your info to BRAT (basenji rescue).

  • BRAT can be reached by
    They will find a wonderful home for your basenji.

    Also, have you contacted his breeder? Who is it? Maybe they are on this list.

  • He actually already is in the BRAT system. 🙂

  • Please contact Basenji Rescue and Transport if you can't find a good home for Roscoe. We are an all volunteer national organizations devoted to finding forever homes for purebred basenjis. We can assist you in rehoming your basenji. There if NO fee for this service! We foster for your dog, and once he is evaluated we can match him up with the right person.

    Our website is There you can fill out a form for rehoming Roscoe, or just get more information on our rehoming process if this is too soon for you. We are also a great source of information for those interesting in adopting a basenji, either one of ours in foster, or a potential adopter you find yourself.

    Tania Doran
    Basenji Rescue and Transport

  • It looks like I have found a good home for My little bud for now. I am working with a woman in Orlando who trains and is very knowledgeable about dogs in general. Seems like Roscoe will love his new home and will be able to live his life not stuck in a cage. Thanks for all of the help and concern on this. It breaks my heart to let him go and i go back and forth in my mind every day about it but i know i want a better life for him then what i'm offerring him now.

  • Tania, perhaps you didn't notice that not only had the link and info for BRAT been given, but that the dog is already listed with BRAT? Glad to see other BRAT folks posting! I have a Rottie rescue group contact up in IN. Yell if you ever need transport help and I'll link the 2 of you up.

    Glad you found him a good home. You are doing the right thing. Hopefully your life in the future will be better designed for owning a dog.

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