Basenji, newcastle upon tyne, UK, looking for good home

  • Mindy is a 16 month old Basenji bitch looking for a home. She is fully vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.
    She is housetrained and used to being crated.
    Mindy is very affectionate with people
    She is NOT good with cats or other small animals, and can be iffy with other dogs - she prefers dogs to other bitches.
    She is looking for an experienced doggy home with lots of time for ongoing training and a secure garden.
    She will not be rehomed with young children. Please contact Emma for any more info -

  • Wish Mindy was a boy… cause we are not that far away. Hope she gets placed in a good home.

  • well she's quite tom-boyish!

  • Is she from your breeding?

  • I run a pet sitting business and had previously looked after her on a couple of occasions.
    Her owners had tried to rehome her with no success and had come to the point where they could no longer keep her. So, i agreed to take her on until (hopefully) a suitable home could be found for her as the other alternative would have been the local shelter.
    I have had her 2 weeks now and she is becoming more social and in last few days she has been off lead on a long line.

  • Who is her breeder? They really should be the first port of call as most (almost all) UK breeders will take back any dogs at anytime of their lives.

    She looks a lovely girl. I hope she finds a good (and preferably experienced) forever home soon.

  • Have tried to contact breeder also, spoke with basenji rescue but they don't have anyone looking for a basenji they say because they virtually never go into rescue.
    And yes she certainly needs an experienced home her previous owners were i think overwhelmed by the force of her personality!
    Ideally someone who knows the breed would be perfect, from what i gather she is a fairly typical basenji.

  • I am glad she is with you and that you are looking for a responsible, experienced home. Too many people would just give the dog away to the first person that came along. Unfortunately, I can't think of anyone off hand who would be interested but I'll certainly have a good think. You never know, maybe you will fall in love with her and be unable to part with her - Basenjis sure get under your skin 😉

  • I am more of a border collie person!
    Also my bitch and her have a personality clash so have to be closely supervisied which doesn't make for the easiest household although slowly improving…

  • Hi,
    i am shelley that contacted you on ruffdogs and am glad you have put Mindy on here, i do hope a good forever home can be found for her.
    It is great that you are taking care of her for the time being. They can be a challenge and if people don't fully understand what they are like it can fail. That said they are wonderful if they are the Dog for you.

  • bump…............

  • I Facebook posted her– -longshot, but perhaps someone on my FB is keen on this little gal.

    You have contacted the various Basenji societies in the uK right ? There are a few between Ireland, Scotland, and England and the isles..

  • i have contacted a couple of different people for basenji rescue but they were not very hopeful that they could find anyone for her.
    They did say they would email her details round.
    From what i can gather the 3 uk basenji clubs all go through the same people.
    If you have any other contacts would be grateful if you could email them to me at - or contact me on facebook via my business page paws 'n' fur

  • i may know of an experienced basenji home who might be looking - will be monday before i can contact them though.

  • Oh yay Scott. Well I could post her to the French group - because they are more rare there, there could be someone looking…. Would you be willing to place her internationally ?

  • I am not bothered where she ends up living so long as the home is a good one!
    If they were from another country would need to collect her.
    Prefer someone who is either experienced of the breed or used to strongwilled dogs.
    she needs someone who will continue with her training and socialisation.
    And most importantly give her lots of love and cuddles!:)

  • Right well I'll get on that. The French board extends into Switzerland as well, so perhaps some from my old country will hear of her too. Keeping our fingers crossed for this little girl.. And perhaps that Scott has someone!

  • fingers crossed we can find someone for her somewhere!

  • any news ?????

  • not heard anything….
    There has to be someone out there who can give her a good home.....surely someone has space for a little cuddly basenji ???

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