My Basenji puppy is relentless!

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    I work at a animal hospital and someone was going to put down this 10 year old silky terrier and one of my co-workers were really upset because the dog was in perfect spirit and health. The only issue this dog has is that he has to wear a doggie diaper/wrap around his man hood because he is incontinent. The owner did have a severely mentally handicapped son who was taking his wrap off an letting the dog pee all over him. You just never know a persons life until you are in there shoes that is the issue here, it must be hard to have a son who is older and has such problems and a dog who has problems as well. The situation is terrible but it is what it is.

    My co-worker said she would find this dog a home and called the owner to see how they felt because they just dropped the dog off for the euthanasia. They were fine with the whole situation and the money they put towards his euthanasia would go for more testing on his issue and food.

    Now to the good part. I have been look for a older companion dog for my grandmother so I agree to take him home and see how he is with everything,vother dogs, food, sharing, playing, grooming. So far he is amazing with everything except is possessive of his toys. My Basenji won't quit with trying to play. Even though he growls and warns her she just keeps on going and going and going and is not scared of him. He is getting used to her and her to his growls but its been hours now and she wants to know why won't he play like a Basenji with her. Also I never hear her baroo as much as she has today. She is soooo consistent with her bouncing around and running into him its hilarious. I love her but she needs to respect her elders hahah!

    Thought I'd share the news. Have a good nite everyone! A barroo to you from Dolce!

  • Good for you for taking in this old dog! They will get used to each other, she may have to get a nip to 2 from him, haha!

    Many boys wear belly-bands, and who knows, maybe he just needs intense house-training the former owner was not able to do.

    Kudos to you and Dolce!

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    Thanks MacPack! We took a x-ray at work today and it looks like he has stones in his bladder and may require surgery. We will see what the main vet says is best for him. But he was following me at work all day and loves to play why anyone would put him down doesn't make sense. He also was not wearing his band all day because I was washing it and he did not have even one accident!

  • I was thinking perhaps he had a UTI but then you wrote he may have stones. I hope he gets better and he might not want to play if he is feeling bad!


  • First Basenji's

    Yah we also did a urinalysis and a UTI was ruled out.

  • How great that there was no accident while not wearing the incontinence pants…it's possible that the dog was house trained but over time the strain of the son became too great to adequately care for the dog and the dog may have been forced to "just go"...sounds to me like the true problem is probably not incontinence (unless due to the stones). Maybe he just needs to relearn house training.

    It's sad that they would put down a dog they've had all its life for a problem that's probably all their fault! Either by neglect (not having him checke to rule out a medical reason for the incontinence or neglecting basic bathroom needs forcing the dog to go whenever it had to knowing it wouldn't get a chance to go outside.

    It's really great of you and your co-worker to realize that this special senior was shown an injustice and that you both gave him a chance at some happier golden years

  • First Basenji's

    I think he is marking his territory as well because he did have 2 accidents today in my house but I just have to watch him a little closer. I did not see him do it which sucks because I would of taken him outside. Even though I have have the door open into my fenced in yard but he has not been wanting to go out really unless I go. It almost feels like hes the puppy.

  • I took a little 7 year old co**erpoo from my brother's farm several years ago, he had been banished outdoors due to marking and they weren't willing to do intense training (multiple dogs, grandkids, etc. ) The couple who adopted him did the umbilical thing for weeks so had instant corrections, and didn't let him wander the house alone. He was either with them, outside, or crated which was all fine with him. We dog-sat a year later and he did make a couple of times in our house, but nothing terrible and he rarely had an 'accident' at their home. It is possible to re-train an old dog.

    Good luck with the stones, maybe that irritation is causing the marking?

  • If he has stones, he may not be marking but may not be able to make it outside in time. I had an elderly girl who could not make it outside in time and as soon as I heard her wake up, I picked her up and took her outside. I had a young female who had urinary crystals and before she was treated as soon as she got to the door she went and she was having to go every couple hours.


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