• It has been two weeks today since we met Gracie, our unsocialized, two year old red and white Basenji girl. She has not been calm this whole time for more than an hour or so. Today we got our the Thunder Shirt. Gracie was so calm we thought paralysis had set in. We let her wear it for only a little over an hour as the company recommends an hour at a time to get used to it. She was totally relaxed and took a nap without jumping at every sound she heard. We then removed the shirt and she is back to her skittish self. Will do this several times a day so she learns what calm is. She is very sweet, not aggressive at all which is a plus, just so scared of everything. Two years of a kennel life will take time to overcome. Yes, we have been walking two to three times a day and she is great on the leash but again scared of everything. Everything is new to her but plan to work with the shirt several times during the day. Wish us luck.

  • Congrats‚Ķ and great to hear positive things about the Thunder Shirt... sounds like it really works. Keep up the great work.. and yes, it is very difficult when all they know is a kennel....

  • It takes some time for kennel dogs to get used to things. Some noises and things they never get used to and will still be scared. I had one that was terrified of a leash and broom and another that could not get adjusted to city noises when outside.


  • We also have only positive things to say about the Thunder Shirt. Granted it does not work for every dog and ever situation, but it has been effective for our dog during Thunderstorms. We have found part of the trick to get it to work is to get the shirt on tight enough but not too tight.

    This is a very well made product and we are very happy with it.

  • We wish you luck. Great that the Thundershirt works. One of our B's came to us as an adult, out of a pack and she was skittish too. Now after a year she is much more relaxed and playful. The calmer we are, the more she settles in.

  • The Thunder Shirt is a wonderful development. Mine do not need it, but my neice has a Katrina rescue who totally goes ballistic when there is a storm, losing control of his behavior, his bowels and everything else. Wearing the Thunder Shirt does not entirely keep him calm, but it does allow him to control most of his problems so all he does now during storms is huddle and want to be held. Hope one day poor Charlie can get over it - I guess we'll never really understand what those poor dogs went through who lived abandoned during Katrina.

  • The thundershirt does work! My B would be completely nuts in his crate when we would leave him at home. Even after all the crate training we tried, even trying to leave him in the bathroom with a gate at the door. No matter what he would freak out and even hurt himself a couple of times! I got him the thundershirt and got him used to wearing it when he was at home so he wouldn't associate it to his crate. It worked wonders! I can now put him in his crate without it and he is calmer (I say this because he will cry for a little while when I leave). Good luck with your Basenji girl!! ūüėÉ

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