• my friend, her son, holden and i decide to go to a local park where dogs are allowed. i think it would be great to take fender. we go to subway to grab some grub to go. fender waits for us in the car. i get back he has pooped in my car i had detailed on thursday. one turd he had smashed into the counsol where the emergency break is. i got some napkins to get it out..all of it wound up falling down into a black hole. there are no screws in my car to take the counsol off. the space is too tiny to shove something useful down. my car smells like poop. i cant clean it, there is no way without taking the car apart. i have to call nissan in the morning so they can take care of it. i HAVE to be honest. its not like they wont smell it! why me?😕

  • Oh my I'm so sorry. My boxer did that in my truck when he was a pup and I was driving down the highway, I about died, and I had to hold his collar so he wouldn't go a stop in it, but he did anyway.

  • Ewwww Ambered I know that must be frustrating. I had something similar happen to me a few years ago. A puppy had pooped on the heat/air floor vent and some of it fell down inside. I could not get to it and the vent had these weird shaped screws holding it to the floor. It wasn't phillips or flathead screws but instead these weird square holed ones. I tried using everything from a spoon to a quarter to get the screws off with no success. I finally had to go buy a screwdriver that would turn square end screws. The screws were so tight it was like they were submerged in concrete or something but I finally got them out. Very frustrating.

  • @Ambered:

    why me?😕

    Special dogs, special people.:D

    I had to giggle at this….........I know, I know......it's not funny.:eek:

    Having someone take the consol apart is about all you can do.

  • she called the sh*& poop!

    After you get it removed, I suggest a can of Ozium from your local autoparts store.

    Also, your signature line is very fitting.

    Good luck

  • Oh no…poor girl :eek: That had to be some conversation with Nissan :D...

    "Uumm yes there's doggy poo in the console...yes I do mean doggy poo"

    Too funny!

  • Oh gosh - Amber! How much actually got squished in there? They'll charge you big time at a dealership to remove console. That stuff will decompose into nothing right? What if you helped it along by spraying a little of the Nature's Miracle Orange-Oxy Power. If you don't want to do that, maybe sprinkle some baking soda?? My sympathies for this strange situation. How frustrating.

  • I just laughed until I cried! hahahahahahaha…. You too will look back and laugh one day!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • i knew you guys would appreciate what i had to say. thanks for the sympathies. i think the amount was only about half an inch. i did not call yet, hoping for another solution. no such luck. i had to drive with the windows down.

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