What happened here

I have to say one of the best decisions I made was getting zoe. As I sit here and type this she is laying in my lap. She just makes me happy. She is my walking companion and makes it all the more enjoyable. She forgives me for being gone so long at work and greets me like I had been gone for days instead of hours. She also forgives me for being the anchor at the end of her leash thats keeps her from catching that rabbit (though she cant help giving me that reproachful look). She makes me laugh! She isn't always good but she is never bad. She makes life better. I dont know how I went so long without a B!!! I must be crazy, but I'm crazy about her. She is like a piece of chocolate you think just one but then you want another. I only have zoe and i'm thinking 2 maybe 3 would be good.

That's really wonderful and well said. Thanks for sharing that!

That's very well put - thanks.

That is so sweet!:) It's funny how these furkids worm thier way into our hearts…

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