• The past weekend we took Tucker (Terrarust's Ace of Spades) down to Therese and Kevin so he can get his American Championship. We went with him and it was so much fun to see all of the other B's and to sit down and visit with Therese and Kevin. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and we found some wonderful techniques and tricks in our short time down there. I miss my boy so much right now but I know he is having a blast at Basenji Disneyland. His first show is next weekend and I believe is the Puyallup(?) show. Fingers crossed he does well for Therese!!

  • Tucker got his first point today!! I am excited. It has taken a month and he has been showing great but today was his day and he got his first point. Hopefully he will keep on with the trend and get some more tomorrow!

  • Congrats! Way to go, Tucker!

  • Will he be at the National in PA?


  • @dcmclcm4:

    Will he be at the National in PA?


    He won't be doing that this year, he is staying mostly western states. We are hoping to go down to the national next year in Washington as it is closer to us.

  • So we finally have our Tucker back from Fopaws! He misses both Kevin and Therese. Unfortunately he only recieved one point the whole time he was down there. There is some fierce competition down there!! But we are happy to have him home, he was greatly missed. We may do the Montana circuit next year but will definately be heading down to the National in Washington! Hope to meet many of you there!

  • Look forward to meeting you in Washington, we will be there….

  • We met Tucker in June, it would be nice to meet his owners too.

  • Tucker gets to meet everyone on the forums and he doesn't even know how to type! I am excited to go to a show where there are going to be hundreds of B's. I think I saw 5 B's at one show once, and they were all Jennie Behles and well of course Tucker! I hope he was a well behaved dog when you saw him Ivoss!

  • Yes, he was well behaved.

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