Lure course run times (straight track)

  • Could someone tell me what times are being done for basenjis doing a 200 yard or 200 meter straight course?

    In Canada, the length is in meters. In the U.S. the length is in yards.

    Oh, and if there is math involved, please help me out with it! 🙂 Math was never one of my best subjects. 😉

    I'd like to figure out if Kipawa's speed is good enough at this point to have him run a qualifying race.

  • We don't time the races. If he is running clean, and focused on the lure wearing a muzzle through the boxes then he is probably ready for a qualifying run.

  • Do you have to run muzzeled?

  • As for times, I have timed all breeds with a stop watch.
    Basenjis run 200 yard in about the 13 to 14 se range,although
    I have clocked my basenji Rocky in 12 sec.

    Greyhounds are the fastest,clocked at 8/9 sec.

  • @Chealsie508:

    Do you have to run muzzeled?

    In straight line and oval track you do

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