How do you know when it's time to let them go?

I am so sorry. I was hoping you'd have a little more time together.
RIP baby boy.

I'm sorry to hear the news about Senji. He had a wonderful full life with lots of love. RIP good buddy, Flame will show you the way over the Rainbow Bridge.

I am very sorry for your loss. It is so HARD to let them go, but you did right by Senji… and he thanks you for that. Dogs bring so much happiness to our lives, but such sadness when they leave us. Senji will wait for you, and he won't wait alone, many have recently arrived at the bridge, including my Billy. Peace

Sorry to hear this. It is so hard to say goodbye. He lived a long life and is now at the Rainbow Bridge running with many of his kind. I'm sure my sweet Tia was there to welcome him.

I am sorry for your loss. He is now free of any pain.


I'm very sorry to hear about Senji. It's so sad when they go. He lived to a grand old age, and I'm sure he had a wonderful life. It's so hard to let them go– you were both courageous and compassionate to release him. Run free, Senji!

So sorry to hear that you have lost your Senji. Helping him, easing him into the spirit world, is a great kindness when they are suffering. He is in good company there eat the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs.

Thanks to every body, it was a year ago but I still cry alone when I remember him, thanks all for your support and B's family love

I read through the posts on this thread and, of course, broke into tears.

I stopped by here to find out if anyone has had a Basenji that simply died of old age (no disease or trauma as the cause of death). Ziggy is now 14 years old and doing very well for a senior dog, but I know there will come a time when he decides "enough." I read a few stories from owners who said their dog found a comfy place to lie down, went to sleep, and simply didn't wake up. Has anyone else experienced this?

(passing out Kleenex tissues)

My Fatia recently passed in her sleep, she just laid down and when over the rainbow bridge. She would have been 16 December 29th.

It always breaks ones heart when a beloved pet passes away but in my opinion, the best way. It's so upsetting and always a lasting image to see them waste away or suffer, it's a blessing from above when they just decide its time and go peacefully. ( although still so painful for us)

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