• The Griswold CT site? It's a little less than an hour and a half from where I live and seems to be the only new England area to course…next event is June and I'd like to go but want to know more about the site!

  • What do I need to bring with me for Oakleys first lure run? Does he need a slip lead??

  • If you have one bring it, the club should have blankets and leads for people to borrow for their first event. If this is asfa, you will need to turn in a copy of his registration papers with the first time entry. If AKC, you dont need it. If he has never had a certification run, or qualification run with another dog, then all you can run is singles or a practice run until you have that run completed.

  • It will be AKC run, unfortunately there are ony one or two ASFA Scheduled trials near us for the year…and hes only attended practices so he will have to run singles...so how does that work, is it one judged single run to qualify?

  • Have you checked the premium to see that singles are offered? as its an optional stake for AKC, most of the clubs around here do not offer it yet. You can always enter him in a JC run if singles are not offered and JC's are. Singles are just scored against themselves, there are no points awarded for singles in AKC. JCs are usually either before or after a trial and not always offered on both days.

  • http://www.nerrc.org/ According to the premium there are no singles, however Sat is tests/cert runs and fun runs for both AKC and ASFA, so that would be a good time to get in some runs and maybe get certified to run with others in one sport or the other. You would be responsible for finding another dog to certify with, not sure if any basenjis run at that site, I don't recall there being many when I lived near there. I would think the CLASS ASFA trials in NY are as close for you as this one. I know they have events over labor day each year.

  • What does it take to get a JC title? That's always the trouble is findin another basenji that wants to course in New England…although my breeder said she knew someone who could help me learn the ropes, perhaps I can run oak with one of her dogs...either way, fun runs will be good for him.... He will be so excited to go

  • to earn a JC you run a two JC trials, which are just a single run, by yourself. You could run Sat and Sun and potentially earn a JC. Running JC is a good way to learn.

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