Lela and Binti join forces to let me know how they feel about me as a pack leader…

Really cute photo! Thanks.

LMAO!!! Good pic, I am suprised you got them both with their tongues out.

What a great picture 😃

That made me laugh…now everyone at work is staring.

Adorable picture! Amazing that you got both their tongues out at the same time. My B mix sleeps with her tongue just a teeny bit out in front sometime - looks very cute.

Hahahaha! That brought a big smile to my face! Great pic!

A good picture! Yes, I can see what they think of your authority!!!

Oh! if that isn't ever cute!! Both the tongues out!!! I have a Binti, too.

First Basenji's

Too Funny! did you stage with peanut butter?? Did they get in trouble for being so rude or did you just give them a cookie anyway!! (heheeh)

Very funny photo, thanks for making me smile this afternoon!

LOL! Wait– isn't that how all Bs feel toward an inferior species (which is, in their minds, any non-Basenji)?

My wife just clicked away and it turned out like this…

Well, sometimes they seem to like us…

Very fitting…the truth hurts, but they don't seem to let it stop them from tellin you "how it really is"!
With basenjis, respect is ONE way and we aren't on the receiving

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