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    When I left Hawaii in Nov 2011 I had Jaberi, 4 yr Basenji Health check at the time the vet discoverd protein in his urine 1.019. Vet advised changed food to Science Diet for Kidney diet. Jaberi has sensitivity to grains so gave him Blue dry for Senior protein is 12 %. whatch what kind of treats I give him. Just took him to vet yesterday had urine tested and now its 3.0. Vet said it could be the radically weather change, flying but that was like 5 months ago. My question is has anyone had an expreience with anything like this? Any suggestions? I am having a full blood work up done next week. He has been checked for Falconi negative so were both his parents.

    Mahalo for any help,


  • Yes, I would thing that a full blood panel needs to be done. Here is a link you might want to look at http://www.fetchdog.com/learn-connect/dog-resource-library/health/diagnostic-tests/Protein-in-Dogs-Urine/D/300600/P/1:5:55:601:6103/I/AR000010044

  • Thank you, since we are new here in Northern San Jose do you have any vets or know of any vets that specialize in Basenjis. I have also heard about homopathic methods regarding kidney/bladder health do you have any knowledge or experience with these methods.

  • Is he on any medications? I have one that is currently on pred and had some protein in her urine that is most likely a side effect of the pred. We are hoping to get her off the pred soon but we have regular blood work done to keep track of what is going on with her various organs.

  • Protein in Urine would not be specific to Basenjis, but if you want to go to Fremont (off 680 exit at Washington) I would suggest Helen Hamilton, she is familar with the breed. http://vetinternalmedservice.com/

  • @ Ivoss no meds…... When we were getting his health exam to leave Hawaii Vet found he had cracked a tooth. So in the process of doing blood work for surgery, the Vet requested a urine sample where they found the protein level to 1.019 . The Vet wanted me to put him on Science Diet but he does not do well with grains. So I give him Blue Senior way less protein. Jaberi acts very health, looks good. Has never been sick. So I am confused.
    @ Pat thank you so much I am going to wait for the blood results & if the results are not good. I will give Dr. Hamilton a call. Has anyone tried the natural kidney health vitamins... I think Nu Pet Plus????
    I hate that Jaberi could be sick that is my boy, we love him so much......................

    Mahalo for your replies.

  • Since the protein level is so high, if you don't really get answers from your current Vet, you might just go to Helen for a second opinion. And until you get some kind of answer, I don't think I would give him anything, just my opinion. Helen has greyhounds so is up on sight hound problems and like I said she knows the breed. Good luck, lets us know what you find out

  • When the vet found protein in urine, did he do further testing? With my dog on pred, they found protein on basic screen but that didn't really give a good picture of what was going on, they had to do additional testing to find out if the protein was actually a sign of kidney issues or not. You may want to consult an intern medicine specialist instead of a general practitioner, especially with the grain allergies to deal with.

  • Thank you both for all the info. I will contact Helen after Jaberi blood test since I already paid for them.


  • Lets us know what you find out

  • Have you found out anything?


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