My basenji puppy is afraid of barking dogs?

  • I took my 13 week old basenji puppy Aurora to a dog kennel where she has her obedience classes today to practise some clicker training before her puppy classes start to get her use to the facility. She was doing really well and offering lots of sits and downs until a dog boarding there started barking. she became petrified and was so worked up she wouldn't accept food or focus on anything. the second the dog stopped barking she was completely fine. i was not sure if she did this cause she was in a strange place or if she really did fear the sound of a barking dog. a few minutes ago i decided to test if she would be the same at her home so i played a barking dog on youtube. she jumped off my lap the second the video started and hid behind the couch. has anyone else ever encountered this before? i am going to try and get her use to different videos and train her at home and see if she can become more comfortable with the barking and take her back to the facility a few more times before she starts class which will have 8 other puppies in it. anyone have any other suggestions? the puppy has been socialized with many different breeds already so it is not the fear of dogs just the deep barking of a grown dog. thank you in advanced for any help you can give me.

  • I have found basenjis do need to be acclimated to barking dogs. I've noticed they do seem to be "horrified" by silly barking dogs, although mine seemed more like "what the H3LL is wrong with that dog?" Sort of like if the person next to you started talking in tongues, really loudly. 😉 I'd just try to work through it doing what your pup can handle, don't push. Are you familiar with Control Unleashed? Try the Look At That (barking dog) game, keeping A under threshold. Treat if you can, if she's not taking treats, she's over threshold and, if possible, move farther away/turn the volume down.

  • Cara gets mad every time the neighbors dog bark. She boofs at them both to say SHUT UP and I think to demonstrate the proper sounds that should come from a dog.

  • When Franie and C-Me came home it was very interesting to see the reaction to barking dogs from the neighborhood as we have a German Shepard breeder one house away… C-Me came from Basenjis and Dals, so she hear barking from day one. Franie from an only Basenji home and in the MidWest so not outdoors that much and the neighbors were not close.

    First day in the yard at home when the Shepards started barking Franie tucked her tail between her legs and hid in the house... C-Me was like "Hey, what's your problem!". It took Franie a good 2 to 3 wks to get used to it. Certainly Lure Trials and Dog shows helped with getting used to barking.

  • Oh! That may explain something - my 16-week-old girl, Willow, has been really good with all dogs, even on leash. Today we ran into this Shih Tzu who was nonstop barking in her face. After about 30 seconds, she snapped at him. Again, this is only the second time - first growl was a couple weeks ago at a barking ****er. All other encounters with dogs and people have been great, even when she is approached on-leash.

    I can't say I blame her - that dog (and owner) is annoying. Unless anyone has specific concerns about this behavior, I think I'll keep her away from barkers. Any other suggestions? I'm definitely getting Control Unleashed.

  • yeahhh Aurora is very social with all different kinds of dogs its just the bark of any big dog that makes her shy, other then that she loves other dogs and people. thanks everyone for your input!

  • Bs do not tend to do well in shelters because of all the barking dogs. Too much noise for them!


  • Oakley does the same thing, when a dog barks he looks at me or them like, "mom,what's their problem?"
    As a puppy he got startled momentarily by dogs barking….he still stops and tries to find the dog barking if he hears one

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