Still waiting for DNA Fanconi test to arrive

  • I ordered the DNA Fanconi test for Kipawa 2 weeks ago. The website says it was sent out.

    How long did you guys have to wait to receive it? Do you think it might be because I was having it sent to a location that is like a post office, but not a real residential address? The address 'looks' like a residential address, but it is the private business I previously mentioned. They email you when you get a package and I have not received an email yet. I might give the OFA a call tomorrow but I really don't want to bother them unless it is necessary. I know they are busy folks and they do great work. Oddly enough, I ordered the previous Fanconi test a number of months ago and never received that one either (it was sent to the same address).

    Do some delivery companies refuse to deliver to the kind of location I wanted it sent to?

  • I don't remember how long it took when I order my tests, but it was at least a week and a half. And I doubt there is any problem with the delivery address. I would give it another week and if still not received, call them for a replacement.

  • Thanks Pat, you're right. I think I am being a little anxious. Your words will help me wait out another week. 🙂
    Thanks for all the great advice you provide to the forum.

  • Mine have always only taken 6 - 7 days to arrive in the UK. The last lot I received and sent back went missing somewhere in the Atlantic so a new kit was sent out. That took 6 days to arrive also but this time I have paid for the postal tracking service. Two weeks sounds a long time especially within the USA.

  • Perhaps there is a delay because you live in Canada!


  • @dcmclcm4:

    Perhaps there is a delay because you live in Canada!

    I have a U.S. address and I had it sent to that address. I live a short drive from the border. Since this is the second test that I have requested to be sent to the U.S. address, I am starting to wonder if I might have more luck having the OFA send it to me in Canada. I just wonder how our Customs system views something like a 'medical test'.

  • As a side question since didn't want to start a new thread, will one of you who is in the know send me the best fanconi support group info for a friend? I found one on yahoo but it really has pretty limited posting. Person is trying to find vets who do the testing, particularly in FL and try to work out people getting the NEW protocols Gonto has suggested.

  • Once you join the group, there is a list of vets available. I am a member of the fanconidogs yahoogroups but I do not post often.


  • Thank you! I will pass it along.

  • Still awaiting for Kipawa's Fanconi test that was mailed on March 13. 😞 It has been over 4 weeks now, so next week I will give them a call and have them resend the kit to my address in Canada. I have to pick up a parcel from Point Roberts (organic face cream) and I am awaiting another package for a friend, so when I am down in U.S. I will ask them if they refuse any products (more medical types of things).

    Next you'll hear from me are the results! Thanks everyone!

  • Hey Jennifer, Pam asked to join the group but after well over a week no response. Any ideas?

  • I sent a message to the Fanconigroup today stating this and asked what the procedure was for joining the group.


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