Go New Jersey! Willy gets "Winners Dog"!

Not to be out done by Jasper, Willy got "Winners Dog" today in New Jersey. Willy get's his first 2 points. It's going to be fun watching these two competeing all summer.:D

Klassy won again today, she is a Beautiful Basenji, congrats to her.

Congrats Willy, my litte Buddy.:D

Congrats to my better half.:)

absolutley adorable, and big conrats

Basenji Mix

Congrats and high paws, Willy! And of course Congratulations to your better half. Good job well done! 🙂

willy is a gorgeous boy, congrats to you all!

Woo Hoo Willy!!! Way to go! Congrats to the Mrs. too!

YAY WOO WOOO….go WILLY!!! NJ knows about fabulous dogs! 😃 😃 😃

And DOUBLE YAY to MRS. basenji boy 😃 😃 😃

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