A long hike and some off leash time

Took Buddy on a 2 hour hike and some off leash time. The trails are about 5 miles long in the hills which requires dog to be on leash and then there's an off leash area which is 17 acres. The off leash area has no fence. The 293 acres that now comprise the area were formerly a tuberculosis sanitarium owned by the City of San Francisco. The Mid Peninsula Open Space District purchased the land in 1983. Buildings were demolished in 1985, and it's now a hiking preserve.

Looks like a good time was had by all! 🙂

It looks so beautiful there! Nice and warm and sunny! I like the 'time for a snack' (last picture) where he is grazing. What is it with B's and fresh green grass?

He loves to eat grass and mud. But in that pic he was chewing on a stick.

I can not wait until the weather here gets nice enough for us to resume our hikes 🙂

Looks like Buddy had a great day.

Looks way more fun than my five mile hike today with the cairn terrier I'm dog sitting… Ughhhh mud + long hair don't mix!

First Basenji's

Looks like an awesome site! I'll have to put it on my to-see list!

What a great pictures!!!

I like to see those tri's more and more 😃

Lovely pictures and what a great place to run.

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