Off Leash Fun

Pictures of Indy and Lori at the beach OFF LEASH thanks to our awesome trainer Victoria.

I do believe we had 100x more fun than we would have if they had to be on leashes. The images aren't great but you get the idea. We had a TON of fun.

Us running on the beach

Indy almost caught Lori but then she turned the tables on him

Us in the water…mommy couldn't believe we liked the waves

Close up proof that it was them and they were in the water

More playing in the water because I am so proud of my babies for braving the waves.


That's crazy cool! Looks like they are having a blast.


those are some happy dogs…great fun.

What fun! That's a great beach, you are so lucky. We are in Florida and the beaches that are officially dog friendly you can almost count on one hand. That looks like the kids had a wonderful time.

Great pictures!!! 😃

Jealous! You know Chase and Zahra would be running towards the air conditioned car or house …

Great pics of Lori and Indi 🙂

So good to see! I love taking Shango to the local park (which is totally fenced in!) and lettng him run free to play. It's so fun to see our B's enjoy themselves so much!

Great pictures!



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