Fun at the harbor

While laying in the harbor, Kas had to clean up the ship and Chafuko helped him a bit 😃

Hey! water!!!

It's dirty here daddy!

You have to make it shine right?

I don't know why there is water here…


Mommy, I did a very good job outside!!!

Chafuko is crazy….. Who likes water??? I don't!

Aren't we sweet???

Very sweet…

My handsome…



Thanks again for sharing pictures of your wonderful furkids. I love'em.

The three of them are beautiful and those are great pictures. They always look like they are having so much fun in life.

Rita Jean

Great photos, as always! What a special life for those beautiful dogs!

Great photos!

And captions!!!

Great shots! Thanks for satisfying our addiction to Basenjis pictures!

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