Vet in San Antonio, TX

I was wondering if anyone had any vet recommendations in San Antonio, particularly north central. Thanks!

Got 3 in Austin, but none in SA. I will ask around.


Will get back to you. I know a man in San Antonio that had my boys brother

I got 3 recommendations from a friend with afghans. In NE SA Universal City Animal Hospital. Rigsby Vet Clinic and Gentle Care Animal Hospital.

I did hear that Gentle Care was good. Thank you!!

Laurie Richardson DMV, owns basenjis and has a practice in San Antonio

Laurie Richardsons practice is (210) 697-9585. Oaks North Animal Hospital 10935 Wurzbach Road. That is where two of my kids relatives go and she also owns basenjis. Good luck with Uncle Timmy, I think he has a great home:)

Thank you Lisa! I will give her a call!

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