How often should I give my puppies their "Mush"?

  • They turned 3wks on Friday. Mom's spending less time with them and less time nursing. I was reading online you can start giving them "Mush" at 3wks. Ive been giving it to them once a day. Is that too little times? They LOVE the mush and pig out and get themselves covered in it lol. Ive found small shallow brownie tins work great. Since I have 9 pups total I got 3 and put 3 to a tin.

  • Depending on how often Mom is nursing, you should at least be offering 3 to 4x's a day. Try and gage it to what they will finish up and not leave much untouched. Be sure that you offer water 24/7.

    3 to 4 wks is when Mom's start to spend so time away from them since now they are starting to get teeth…..

  • Puppy teeth, no wonder… Poor mom! 9 mouths with needle sharp razors- she deserves a medal!

  • Yeah ive felt the needles…they are def. getting teeth now! She doesnt nurse as often anymore and is ALWAYS wanting to be away from them. I have to put her in the kitchen myself with them or she'd stay away 24/7. They seem to have no interest in water right now. But its always available.

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