Banned myself from petstore

  • I took a walk today with my B to the pet store to buy some food (it's closer than the supermarket). Well I ended up spending $85. Last time it happened the same way. Just went to buy a few things and came out with empty pockets. But he did pick this one pink plush toy while we were at the counter and he has not stopped playing with it since we got home. I think it was guilt spending since I'm going to start the crate training tonight (only for 15min.) so I bought him a bunch of goodies to keep him busy.:D

  • I completely understand. We love our little furbabies!

  • I completely understand. We love our little furbabies!

  • American Express - I need to start leaving home without it when I go to the petstore! LOL! I can't imagine how I am going to be as a Mom because I just love picking stuff out for the furkids at the petstore and I always "have" to get them something.

  • and the worst part about it is that I bought him all these "non raw hide" bones and the little brat won't even lick them. I'll have to cover them up with broth or pb.

  • Whenever I buy new Nylabones they take forever before they start chewing on them, it is almost like they are not good enough for them. I leave them laying out and they eventually chew them.

  • OMG that's exactly what I bought. O.k I have to admit that I even pretended to eat and lick the bone so he'd want it. He's so cute though cause he chewed on it for half a second like ok mom, tried it ,don't like it, and turned his face.

  • Luzmery928 you crack me up. You are a great mom!
    and ChaseandZahara's mom- I am the same way with both my dogs and my kid. I can't help it. They keep me forever broke!

  • that's nice of u to say thanks. Believe me I laugh at myself constatley when I think how my B has been wrapped around his little sweet paws.

  • Awww what great B parents 🙂

    Ditto Luzmery…I can't help but go crazy at the pet store every time I go there. They always get something special..nyla bone, new toy, new treats, scented potty bags..etc. etc. etc.

    I have had to hide some stuff from hubby since he's about cutoff the credit cards!! LOL LOL

    BTW-my Bs do the same with the nyla bones...they need to get "used" to it before they start to chew it. Sometimes I dip one end in yogurt or chicken broth.

  • Yeah I thought of that with the nyla bone. It wasn't very cheat so someone better eat it. O.k I know I went a bit nuts and glad you can all sympathize with me but….scented potty bags? that's funny.

  • I too have been known to spend more than I planned at the pet store. Our children deserve the best, don't they?? A co-worker once told me that if she ever came back as a dog, she'd want to be mine!!!

  • Hahaha. I fully agree. A simple task to just run to the petstore to pick up food turns into a shopping spree! ARGH!!!!!

  • Exactly the same our way too….with all of the above. I have yet to go to the petstore and not spend about 80-100 dollars everytime. And the nylabones take a while to get chewed. It's like they have to see the little pieces sticking out all over the place for them to see a challenge. Otherwise it doesn't look interesting to them. And of course, like most on here, I do things sometimes and ask myself a second later, what in the world am I doing (like barooing for 5 minutes to get her to do it, I'm sure my neighbors think I'm a nut).

  • Why is it those Nylabones are so expensive? They're only a plastic molded composite!! I don't think I've ever seen one chewed up - lost maybe, due to lack of interest.

  • Come to my house!! After they start chewing on them then they are destroyed in a couple of days!! I've never seen another dog chew like Shadow-he may be a couch potato, but don't leave toys out-he shreds those 'non-chewables' and 'indestructible' toys like they were tissue paper. The other dogs definitely don't chew like he does. HMMMMM it's like he's on a mission.

  • Jazzy won't give a nylabone a second look. Hers didn't even have teeth marks until I let the other dog have it.

    She only likes stuffed animals and rawhides/kneebones/tendons, etc.

    We were making fun of her lack of Basenji-ness last Sunday at the dog show when she was in her crate with her leather collar and leather leash on the floor of the crate with her and she ignored them completely.
    There was also a roll of paper towels in there,which she did tear at a little bit after about an hour. But even then, she tore the first two towels and stopped. The rest of the roll was still completely intact.

  • I know what you mean. I have bought rawhide chews that Jojo "buries" and then "re-buries" around the house but does not play with or chew on and the kong I bought she could care less about after the peanut butter is gone. She doesn't even go after the kibble inside the kong. But to be fair to my little girl she is 11yrs so….

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